Wednesday, March 16, 2011


1. Drunken Sailor – Blaggards
2. Drunk Tonight – The Bloody Irish Boys
3. Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced – Dropkick Murphys
4. Seven Drunken Nights – The Dubliners
5. One Last Drink – Enter The Haggis
6. Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat – The Fenians
7. Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly
8. Davey – The Go Set
9. Fuck You I’m Drunk – The Irish Rovers
10. Rocky Road to Dublin – Blaggards
11. God Save Ireland – Finnegan’s Lad
12. Whitey – Biblecode Sundays
13. Hello Jakey! - Neck
14. Drunken Lazy Bastard - The Mahones
15. Brotherhood - Flatfoot 56
16. No Loot, No Booze, No Fun – The Tossers
17. Drink and Fight – Flogging Molly
(Couple other great celtic bands not mentioned above: Barleyjuice, Blood or Whiskey, Brace Yourself Bridget!, The Gobshites, Irish Stew of Sindidun, The Pogues, The Killigans, Larkin, The Peelers, The Real McKenzies, Siobhan.............ok, that's enough)


Ahhh St. Patty's Day, the greatest holiday of all! On St. Patty's Day everyone is Irish and we all drink like were Irish too. There are many things that make the day great but the best three in my opinion are: the Beer, Whiskey, and Music. Here are 17 great songs to listen to while your enjoying your St. Patty's Day. Cheers! Erin Go Bragh!!!

1. "Drinking in the Day" -The Tossers
2. "Barroom Hero" -Dropkick Murphys
3. "Float" -Flogging Molly
4. "Drink It Up Men" -The Dubliners
5. "The Night Pat Murphy Died" -Great Big Sea
6. "Seven Drunkin' Nights (Live)" -The Tossers
7. "(F)lannigan's Ball" -Dropkick Murphys
8. "In Defense of Dorchester" -Street Dogs
9. "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" -Against Me!
10. "Come Dancing" -The Tossers
11. "The Dirty Glass" -Dropkick Murphys
12. "The Pub With No Beer" -The Dubliners
13. "The Irish Navy" -The Dubliners
14. "Rocky Road" -Blood Or Whiskey
15. "Drink The Way I Do" -Real McKenzies
16. "Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road to Dublin/Galway Races" -The Pogues
17. "Streams of Whiskey" -The Pogues

I could keep going on and on listing songs for St. Patty's but I'm gonna enjoy a cold Guinness instead! May Irish eyes smile on us all! Cheers!

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