Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 of 2010.

2010 seemed like a weird year to me; the Saints won the Super Bowl, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!!!!!, and we saw a World Series that did not feature the Yankees or Phillies. We also saw the rise of the neo-conservative Tea Party in politics, and Pat Robertson said the laws on Pot were to harsh! Ah what a year. As far as music went 2010 saw some great album releases and saw some pretty shitty ones, many of my favorite bands released albums this year as well. Now I give you my top 10 albums of the year that was 2010.

1. Diamond Eyes-Deftones. This was the easiest choice for the number one album of the year, I think it is one of the Deftones best albums since Around the Fur.Favorite Track(s): Beauty School, Sextape

2. Blue Sky Noise-Circa Survive Yet another great release from these guys who are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Favorite Track(s): Get Out, I Felt Free

3. OMNI-Minus The Bear. Just a great feel good album by one of my favorite bands, if your feelin' down just pop this disc on and you will be feelin' good in no time! Favorite Track(s): Dayglow Vista Rd., Excuses

4. Exoplanet-The Contortionist. Anyone who knows me knows that first and foremost I am a metal head and Exoplanet is hands down my favorite metal album of 2010. Favorite Track(s): Expire, Primal Directive

5. Brothers-The Black Keys. Another great album by the duo, I dont think these guys could make a bad album if they wanted to. Favorite Track(s): Tighten Up, She's Long Gone

6. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell-A Plea For Purging. Another one of my favorite metal albums of the year, just a great album to play at 11! Favorite Track(s): The Fall, The Eternal Female

7. Weight of the World-This is Hell. In my opinion this is THE hardcore album of the year, an amazing, fast-paced, balls to the wall hardcore record. Favorite Track(s): The Death of the World Class, Snake Eyes

8. The Wages-The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. This album just puts a big smile on your face, makes you wanna clap your hands and stomp your feet. Favorite Track(s): Clap Your Hands

9. Rebel Within-Hank Williams III. Favorite Track(s): Lookin' For a Mountain, Drinkin' Ain't Hard to Do

10. Based on a True Story-Sick of it All. Favorite Track(s): Death or Jail, Dominated

Honorable Mentions:

Collisions and Castaways-36 Crazyfists
Contra-Vampire Weekend
Deep Blue-Parkway Drive
The Fire-Senses Fail
Good Morning, Magpie-Murder by Death
I Am What I Am-Merle Haggard
Lost Boy-Mychlidren Mybride
Marée Noire-Beneath the Massacre
Mechanize-Fear Factory
Meridional-Norma Jean
Ø (Disambiguation)-Underoath
Option Paralysis-The Dillinger Escape Plan
There Will Be Violence-Impending Doom
Wormwood-The Acacia Strain

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