Monday, January 25, 2010

311 and I

Before the summer of 97’ , I was just a typical kid and never really paid attention to any music except for whatever my mom and step-father were listening to at the time stuff like; Phill Collins, Sting, Billy Joel, and The Eagles just to name a few. That all changed one summer day when I went skateboarding with some of my buddies, we ended up going to our friend Nick’s house for a skate session and he put the cd that would change my life in his stereo and cranked it up. The cd was “311” by 311 also known as “the Blue Album” to die-hard fans, and it just blew my 13 year old mind. I knew from that moment on that music would be one of my passions. The next day I remember making my mom take me to the record store to by the cd and poor old her she never expected that after that she would have to buy my hundreds more cd’s before I got a job to waste my own money on them.

Well before I go into detail about the album let me give you a little background on the band. They formed in the late 80’s in Omaha, Nebraska then they moved out to LA to get a record deal in which they did. Their first album came out in 93 and was titled “Music” , their second album came out in 94 and was titled “Grassroots” , then they released their third album “311” in which I am going fill you in on. 311 mix a lot of different genres into their sound including; metal, punk, reggae, ska, hip-hop, and funk. I believe that because of the many sounds they incorporate into their own style is the reason that I myself am a fan of many different genres.

Now let me tell you a little about the album that changed my life and made 311 my favorite band of all-time. The album starts off with what is their most popular song “Down” a fast-paced, highly energetic song that is a great start to a great album. The second and third tracks on the album are “Random” and “Jackolantern’s Weather” these two songs are probably my favorite on the whole album. The forth track on the album “All Mixed Up” was another popular single off the album and is the first change of pace for the album with a more reggae and funk sound. Track five “Hive” is probably the heaviest track on the album and is a die-hard fan favorite. “Guns” the albums sixth track is a somewhat anti gun song and is also bound to get anyone’s head boppin’ to the beat. Track seven “Misdirected Hostility” is a bit of break from the albums mostly fast pace, with its slow but heavy guitar. “Purpose” the eighth track is another gem, a slow paced, feel good song that has a good reggae beat to it.

Track nine “Loco” is a catchy sing-a-long song that makes for a good road trip song. “Brodels” the albums tenth track that is like a clash between hard rock and hip-hop. The albums first single track eleven “Don’t Stay Home“ was not as successful as the albums other two singles but is a very upbeat catchy song. “DLMD” is the twelfth track on the album and has a very personal touch on it that came from an event in singer Nick Hexum’s life that comes through pretty clear. Probably my all time favorite song on the album is track thirteen’s “Sweet” and is a good example of all the sounds they incorporate into their style, oh and it has a killer guitar solo in it. “T & P Combo” is the albums last track and is a very fast paced closer for a great album.

by Tweed

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