Thursday, January 7, 2010

Failure in Five Songs

Failure was a highly underrated band that was around in the 90's and they still are underrated and not well known. The band started in 1990 and was done by 1997 and in that short span they released three great albums. The first album was Comfort (1992), the second was Magnified (1994), and their third and best album (in my opinion) was Fantastic Planet (1996). So now I give you five songs to get to know the band to.

1."Submission" off the album Comfort when the band had a more grunge sound to them.
2. "Undone" off the album Magnified shows the band growing out from the grunge sound into the more "spacey" alt-rock sound they are known for.
3. "Saturday Savior" from the album Fantastic Planet is the bands best work with a perfect combination of grunge, alt-rock and their signature "spacey" sound.
4. "Sergeant Politeness" also from Fantastic Planet.
"Stuck on You" also from Fantastic Planet which has been covered by pop-punk band Paramore.

Well there you are Failure in five songs hope you like, and stay with us for more getting to know bands in five songs. by Tweed

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