Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favorite Albums of the Decade 1

Well the 00's have brought us some shitty albums, some ok albums, some good albums, and some FF (Fucking Fantastic) albums. One of the FF albums of this oh so wonderful decade was Archetype by one of my favorite bands Fear Factory. The album starts off in the usual Fear Factory form with a right hook to the jaw and keeps perfect form thruout the whole album with the collision of brutallity and beauty. The albums top two tracks: Archetype and Undercurrent show the band in perfect form and at the end of the album they throw in a cover of School by Nirvana. I recommend this album for anyone who is interested in getting into Fear Factory.

Track Listing
1. Slave Labor**
2. Cyberwaste**
3. Act of God***
4. Drones***
5. Archetype*****
6. Corporate Cloning****
7. Bite the Hand that Bleeds***
8. Undercurrent*****
9. Default Judgement***
10. Bonescraper***
11. Human Shields***
12. Ascension***
13. School**

Track Rating *

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