Thursday, December 3, 2009

(Hed) P.E. and Me

Well....I never thought my first blog about a band on this here page would be about (Hed) P.E. but it is so here I go. I have had their albums Broke and Blackout for a while now and I dig them both they provide a good mix of Hip-Hop and Rock/Metal. I recently just downloaded their newest three albums while I like them as much as the two albums I previously listed their newer stuff seems to incorporate many different styles such as: Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, Punk, Funk and even some elements of reggae. I guess what Im sayin here is that if your looking for some music that incorporates many different styles of music that can be a bit refresing check these guys out. I highly recommend the albums Broke and Blackout for anyone to check out. Their other albums are (Hed) P.E., Back 2 Base x, Insomnia, and New World Orphans and are all worth giving a listen to. Well thats it for my first blog hope I did an ok job and stick around plenty of more to come for everyone.

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